We support you in every aspect of your product vigilance to meet your legal obligations to competent authorities.

Our service package is modular, tailored to the actual needs of our clients based on the status of your product life-cycle and with high level of quality assurance, independence and transparency of performed vigilance activities.

FGK-PV approaches every client with a set of company values:

Understanding Our Client: We aim to understand the business challenges that face our clients.

Support Client Value: We add value to the client’s reputation and business goals.

Transparency: Transparency is absolute priority in our dealings with clients, competent authorities and other involved stakeholders.

Setting Standards in PV: We strive to be in forefront of the development and discussion of vigilance agenda and guidelines with competent authorities and we continuously transfer the best practices into the vigilance systems that we work with.

Our services can be grouped in five major areas of work that can be offered to a client all together, separately or on a modular basis from each of the five groups: